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International Imaging Congress 2023 Conference Programme

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Harnessing AI in Computational Pathology

31 Oct 2023
Digital Pathology

Artificial intelligence (AI) and computer vision have accelerated changes in healthcare and drug development. AI scientists in pharmaceutical companies have been working hard on building innovative applications for development of new efficient drugs and improving the patient journey.

These days, AI applications are a part of every step in drug discovery, including target identification, optimisation, and every phase of a clinical trial. AI tools already support and empower pathologists in pre-clinical and clinical trials.

In this talk, we will discuss the role of AI in drug discovery and AI potential to help pathologists to focus on science by automating routine tasks with AI. We will look at several relevant use cases, discuss current challenges and concerns around AI such as generalisability, interpretability, potential bias, and ethical considerations.

Nikolay Burlutskiy, Director of Artificial Intelligence - AstraZeneca