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International Imaging Congress 2023 Conference Programme

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Transforming Medical Imaging: From InnerEye to Multimodal Models

01 Nov 2023
Future Radiology & Diagnostic Oncology

In this session, Javier Alvarez-Valle will discuss how he and his team at Microsoft Health Futures have transformed medical imaging through their work on Project InnerEye and multimodal models for radiology. He will share insights into the development of InnerEye, an AI-powered toolkit that enables clinicians to perform image-guided radiotherapy for head and neck and prostate cancers. Javier will also discuss how AI is improving the quality of radiology reporting and helping radiologists work more efficiently. Finally, he will explore the future of medical imaging and the potential for AI to continue to transform the field. Attendees will gain an understanding of the latest advances in medical imaging and how they can be applied to improve healthcare outcomes.

Javier Alvarez-Valle, Senior Director of Biomedical Imaging - Microsoft