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Future Radiology & Diagnostic Oncology Summit

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Future Radiology & Diagnostic Oncology Summit

With a historic reputation for leading the way in implementing technological advancements in the healthcare sector, 2023 has been no different for developments in the Radiology and Oncology field. The interest in new technologies such as AI and Machine learning is gaining traction and projects revolutionary impact on the sector, not only for patient experiences but for suppliers and providers alike. But is it the solution to managing the skyrocketing pressures on imaging services and diminishing numbers of Radiologists?

Situated in the first of our two stages, we are delighted to introduce the Future Radiology and Oncology Summit at International Imaging Congress. This exhaustive programme that blends presentations with insightful panel discussions will explore key topics in this cutting-edge field.

What topics to expect:

  • Deployment and implementation of AI and machine learning in Radiology

  • Revolutionizing workflow management through technological advancements

  • Navigating the legal implications of new technologies

  • Breakthroughs in teleradiology

  • Addressing access inequalities

  • Optimizing patient pathways

  • Screening and preventative technologies

And much more!

Join us as we shed light on trailblazing technologies, forging a path towards a promising future for Radiology and Oncology

Radiology and Oncology Speakers from IIC23

Exhibitors from IIC23