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2023 Speakers

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Dheeraj Giri

Dr Dheeraj Giri

Deputy Medical Director for AI, EMRAD

Dr. Giri is a celebrated figure in medical imaging AI, serving as the Deputy Medical Director for Artificial Intelligence at the UK's notable EMRAD Imaging network providing medical leadership for the delivery of Nationally important projects like AIDP & AIDF. His unwavering dedication drives AI initiatives across the vast network, encompassing eight trusts and 14 hospitals, impacting over five million patients. With a career beginning in the NHS in 2004, Dr. Giri also holds pivotal roles including Consultant Radiologist and Director of Innovation with HEE-East Midlands. He supervises an AI project for validating an innovative AI algorithm for rapid stroke detection using CT brain scans. His academic prowess is marked by a Cardiothoracic Imaging Fellowship from Royal Papworth Hospital and advanced AI and Data Science courses from revered institutions including Oxford. Dr. Giri continuously delves into Explainable AI and Bias in AI, ensuring technology's transparent and fair application in healthcare. Recognized globally, he contributes as a reviewer for NHSx AI Award applications, panellist for AI product selection and is a renowned speaker at international AI conferences. His enduring vision and pioneering efforts relentlessly aim to elevate patient care, intertwining advanced AI with healthcare, and ensuring unparalleled precision and compassion in every endeavor.