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2023 Speakers

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Dimitra Darambara

Dimitra Darambara

Team Lead of Multimodality Molecular Imaging, Institute of Cancer Research & Royal Marsden NHS Trust

Dimitra leads the team and translational lab of Multimodality Molecular Imaging- Instrumentation at Radiotherapy & Imaging Division of the Institute of Cancer Research and the Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust. Previously, she held Senior Research Fellow positions at Yale University, CERN, University College London and University of Surrey always sponsored by prestigious personal research career development fellowships. Her research interests include conceptual design, development and realisation of emerging quantitative medical imaging techniques and innovative instrumentation, x-ray photon-counting and multi-spectral semiconductor detectors and imaging, combination of Monte Carlo and Finite Element Analysis codes for advanced system performance optimisation. She has been an active member of the IOP (past Chair of Medical Physics Group, etc.), IPEM, ESMI and IEEE. She was Chair, Board of Trustees of Mayneord-Phillips Trust and holds a position on the National Engineering Policy Centre, Healthcare & Biomedical Engineering Board, RAE. She was the Chair of the 2019 IEEE Medical Imaging Conference (MIC) and serves as elected member on the IEEE Nuclear Medical and Imaging Sciences Council. She has been appointed the Head of Faculty of 2022 MPEP Summer School by the IOP, IPEM and BIR. She was the recipient of the prestigious 2019 IOP Phillips Award for her significant contributions to physics and for championing Medical Physics.