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Call for speakers

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Call for speakers

Interested in speaking? 

There are 3 dedicated conference spaces at International Imaging Congress: Digital Pathology Conference, Future Radiology Conference, and Diagnostic Oncology Workshops. If you'd like to deliver a presentation, lead an interactive workshop session, or propose a panel debate then we'd be glad to hear from you.

The deadline for submission is Wednesday 31st May 2023


The International Imaging Congress is seeking leading industry professionals in Pathology, Radiology and Oncology to share their knowledge and expertise as we explore current challenges, best practice and emerging technologies in the field of medical imaging. Are you interested in sharing your work in the following areas?

-  Developing new Imaging Technologies in Digital Pathology or Oncology

- Techniques of implementing new imaging technologies in clinical environments

- Workforce management in multidisciplinary settings

- Managing investment returns on new imaging technologies

- The future of Artificial Intelligence implementation in Imaging services

- Legal implications and approaches to digital information sharing

- Educational development for practical implications of new imaging techniques 

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