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Digital Pathology Summit

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Digital Pathology Summit

Pathology is at a tipping point where emerging digital tools promise to transform tissue analysis and medical decision making. But the right regulations and infrastructure are vital to translate technology innovations into enhanced patient care.

The 2024 Pathology Summit brings together medical experts, researchers, and technology leaders to discuss this wave of modern pathology. So, what can you expect to hear about?

Topics will cover the spectrum of technical opportunities paired with pragmatic implementation considerations. With insightful talks and panel discussions, this summit intends to uncover pathology's data-driven future focused on positively impacting clinical practice and improving cancer treatment decisions.

What topics to expect:

  • Harnessing computational analysis, multiomics, molecular signatures and cloud databases to gain better insights and elevate diagnostic standards

  • Overcoming technological barriers in the field

  • Promises and challenges of progressing to next generation AI algorithms, cloud-based datasets, and computational diagnostics.

  • Best practices for professionals in implementing these new technologies

And much more!

Join us as we shine a light on trailblazing technologies, paving the way for a promising future in digital pathology. 

Pathology Speakers from IIC23

Exhibitors from IIC23