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Future Radiology Summit

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Future Radiology Summit

Radiology is advancing rapidly through ground breaking innovations in imaging technology and analysis. However, complex challenges remain to translate these advancements into enhanced clinical practice. The 2024 Radiology Summit brings together global experts across the radiology, medical physics, engineering, and industries to explore the most promising directions for innovation.

From image acquisition to image-guided intervention, scans are growing vastly more powerful and complex. With engaging presentations and panel discussions, this summit will delve into the developments shaping radiology’s changing landscape - working towards the ultimate goal of elevating patient outcomes through technical innovation and clinical excellence.

What topics to expect:

  • Emerging modalities offering potential new frontiers in diagnosis and treatment

  • Developments in quantification in medical imaging through radiomics, AI-assisted biomarkers and predictive data analytics

  • The growth of responsible data sharing

  • Which technology breakthroughs show most viability for long-term adoption

  • How stakeholders can come together to drive progress

  • Next steps for a more sustainable future

And much more!

Join us as we shed light on trailblazing technologies, forging a path towards a promising future for Radiology and Oncology

Radiology and Oncology Speakers from IIC23

Exhibitors from IIC24